freezers repair in highlandIf you’re like most Americans, you most likely have a freezer in your home or garage. Freezers help keep food supplies for much longer than they’d have lasted. It’s the perfect appliance for people who prefer to stock up on meat, vegetables, fruits and dairy products. Smart shoppers use their freezer to take advantage of irresistible discounts, buying in bulk and saving up on groceries. For food business owners, freezers are essential in keeping their products safe till customers can buy them. When a freezer breaks down, therefore, a lot could go wrong, whether at home or in your business. Of course, routine maintenance can go a long way in averting total freezer breakdowns. But as a result of the wear that comes with constant use, your freezer will inevitably experience defects every once in a while. The best you can do is to be aware of which problems are most likely to assault your freezer and prepare to deal with them appropriately.

Common Freezer Problems to Watch Out For

Freezers come in different types, models and brands. But when it comes to defects, all freezers face generally the same problems. Some of the commonest ones include:

  • The appliance does not turn on
  • The freezer turns on but does not cool
  • The freezer takes awfully long to cool
  • The freezer overcools
  • The appliance leaks water
  • The machine does not automatically defrost
  • The appliance makes too much noise
  • The cycling off feature no longer works
  • The appliance’s door is broken

The moment you notice any of these issues, it’s imperative that you address them right away. A freezer that doesn’t start or cannot cool cannot help your food stay fresh. If the appliance is leaking water, it’s likely to cause a mess on your floor. A noisy appliance is a nuisance in your house. Unless you deal with these problems, they are likely to escalate and damage your appliance even further.

Here’s what to Do

Basically, there are three ways to address freezer malfunctions. The first is to buy a new freezer as a replacement for the defective one. This solution should only be considered if it’s obvious that your freezer is beyond repair. Keep in mind that a new freezer goes for at least several hundred dollars. You don’t want to spend all that money whenever there’s a defect in your freezer. The second solution is to repair the freezer yourself. DIY freezer repair, however, should only be undertaken when you have the necessary training. Without the right repair skills, you can damage your freezer further. The best course of action is to seek out a professional freezer repair technician to troubleshoot your appliance and repair it. You can contact us at Highland Appliance Repair to provide a lasting solution to whatever issue your freezer has.

Why Choose Us?

At Highland Appliance Repair, we boast the best technicians in the entire region. All our technicians are EPA certified and widely experienced in the repair of commercial and household appliances. The moment you contact us with a freezer defect, we get moving right away. We know how important your freezer is to you, so we’ll waste no time dispatching a highly competent technician to your home or business premises to help you. Our technician first carefully assesses your freezer to determine the main cause of the defect. They then recommend the best solution for the problem and give you an all-inclusive estimate for the repair expenses. If you want the technician to proceed with the repair, they’ll do so right away. After just a short while, your freezer should be working normally once again. While conducting repairs, we are keen to use only factory approved replacement parts to make sure the problem does not recur any time soon.

Brands We Repair

Through the years, our technicians have handled repair issues in appliances from all the leading appliance brands in the country. Some of these brands include Kitchen Aid, Subzero, Wolf, Kenmore, Whirlpool, Viking, Samsung, Thermador, GE, Bosch, Scotsman, GE, Westinghouse, Electrolux, LG, DCS, Scotsman and many more.

We also offer maintenance services for all appliances household. We are available 24/7.

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