STOVE AND RANGE REPAIR IN HIGHLANDHomeowners who love home cooked meals are familiar with the distress that comes from having their ranges break down. The range is involved in almost all meal preparation in the kitchen. In fact, most people use their ranges at least once every day. When the range breaks down, your kitchen is immediately disrupted, and you have no option but to rely on food joints to feed your family. For those that run food businesses, a broken range means that you can no longer prepare the hundreds of meals you need to do every day to keep your customers well fed. That translates into big losses in terms of revenue. It’s a crisis that needs to be dealt with quickly. The best way to deal with range defects is to prepare for them before they occur. That means knowing what malfunctions are most likely to assail your range so you act at the first sign of trouble.

Common Range Repair Issues to Watch Out For

Ranges come in three types: gas, electric, and dual fuel. All three kinds of ranges, however, experience largely similar problems in the course of their lives. Some of the commonest defects include:

  • The appliance does not turn on
  • The range has issues turning off
  • The top burners no longer work
  • The range does not produce heat or produces too little heat
  • The appliance heats up too much
  • The clock of your range displays an error message
  • The range has electrical wiring problems
  • There’s a gas leakage in the system
  • The timers of your range don’t work at all

Once you become aware of these problems, you need to respond right away. That’s because most range defects can worsen rapidly if not dealt with right away. In some cases, the defective range is actually a huge danger to you and the people around you. A range with electrical wiring issues or that’s leaking gas, for instance, is a fire hazard.

Here’s What You Can Do

One of the solutions some people consider when their ranges are malfunctioning is to buy a new range as replacement for the defective one. The problem with this approach is that it forces you to spend a lot of money you may not have budgeted for. In most cases, your current range still has lots of life left in it. The other approach is to find a professional appliance repair expert you can count on to repair your range. This solution is usually faster and far more affordable as compared to buying a new range. You can count on us at Highland Appliance Repair to help you out.

Why Choose Us?

Through the years, our vastly experienced technicians have provided lasting repair solutions to tens of thousands of ranges in the region, some with defects that seemed irreparable. We thus have what it takes to get your range working perfectly in no time at all. Each member of our team is EPA certified to conduct repairs on a wide variety of household and commercial appliances.

We usually provide same day service at no added cost to you. We understand that it’s important for your range to get back to work ASAP. Immediately you call us, a personable customer care representative notes down your details and dispatches a competent technician to help you. In no time, your range should be working perfectly once again. To make sure that your range does not get attacked by the same problem again in the near future, we use high quality, factory approved replacement parts. We also provide an upfront estimate of the repair costs so you don’t need to worry about getting nasty surprises once your appliance is repaired. Our rates are unbeatable so you can be sure that with us, you are getting the best deal.

We Repair All Brands

Every day, we deal with appliance brands from a wide variety of brands, icluding Kitchen Aid, Dacor, GE, Bosch, Monogram, Viking, Thermador, Samsung, Jenn-Air, Maytag, Frigidaire, Kenmore, Wolf, Sub Zero, U-Line, Marvel, GE, Electrolux, Admiral, Westinghouse, American Range, LG, True, Scotsman, Amana, Fisher and Paykel, and many more.

We also offer maintenance services for all your household appliances.

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